7 Important Items Preppers Should Carry

The items that you carry with you during times of crisis are pretty much the same as you would on a normal day… but with one or two additional items. When a natural disaster strikes or you’re living in a war zone, certain items can make a huge difference in your situation.

Let’s look at what they are.

* Cell phone

While everyone is glued to their phones and can’t seem to tear themselves away from their mobile devices these days, these gadgets become even more important during times of crisis.

Even if communication systems are down and you can’t use your phone to make calls or send text messages, most phones are equipped with other useful features like flashlight, stopwatch, etc. that can be helpful.

You can take notes down on your phone, take photos and much more. The range of uses is only limited by your imagination. Always charge your phone and keep the battery full. You never know when you may need it in an emergency, and you don’t want it to be flat.

* Flashlight

Extremely important during dangerous times. If the street lamps are down during a hurricane, your flashlight will help you. Going to your car in a poorly lit parking lot? Shine your flashlight around the area and see if there are any dodgy characters skulking around waiting to prey on you.

* Swiss army knife

MacGyver had one all the time and for good reason. This is a very versatile tool that can be used for cutting, clipping and much more. Get a good one that has many features and you’ll be able to use it for a myriad of purposes.

* Keys

This is obvious… but you should always keep it on your person. Do not place it in your handbag or a fanny pack. If someone steals your handbag or fanny pack, you’ll not be able to start your car or get into your house.

It gets worse if your ID and address are in the bag/pack. Now they have the keys to your house. That creates a whole new set of problems. Always keep your keys on your person.

* Paracord

Paracord is one of the most useful items on the planet. It’s something every prepper would do well to own. You can use it as a dog leash, clothes line, belt, to tie items down, emergency tourniquet, pulley line and much more. There are literally hundreds of uses for paracord. It’s like a thin but extremely strong rope. It has strength and versatility.

* IDs/Documents

Of course, you’ll need your usual ID such as your driver’s license, concealed carry permit, etc. If you’re in a war zone that’s taken over by foreign occupiers, you may need to carry even more identification when traveling about.

* Firearm

If you have a concealed carry permit, you can and should carry a firearm for your own protection. Make sure you know how to use it well and practice often during peace time.

If you don’t wish to carry a firearm, always have some other non-lethal weapon such as pepper spray, a stun gun, etc. These could save your life if you’re attacked by someone who wants to do you harm.

Carry these items with you whenever you leave the house. It may seem like a hassle, but you never know when they’ll help you. It’s better to have them but not need them, than to need them but not have them.

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